I aim to provide flexibility when it comes to service delivery – to work in with family commitments/routines at a time and location that best suits the family. I will always put you, your child and your family first, individually tailoring a physiotherapy plan that fits in with your unique needs and wishes.

Initial consultations are held at our Adamstown clinic located just off Brunker Road (click here for map). Hereafter, physiotherapy can be scheduled in the home, preschool, school, local swimming pool, or other community setting, as is best suited to your child and family.


Private Health Insurance

At Sarah Jay Paediatic Physiotherapy, we offer you the convenience of on the spot, automatic private health insurance claims through our HICAPS electronic payments system. Rebates provided by each private health fund varies. Contact your private health insurance agency for further information.


Clients who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs can be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. A referral form must be completed by your GP. An EPC plan will fund 5 allied health consultations per calendar year, including physiotherapy, providing a rebate of $52.95 per session.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

Children with movement disorders and/or early intervention needs may be eligible for NDIS funding. Sarah Jay Paediatric Physiotherapy is a registered NDIS Service Provider and can cater to NDIS funded clients under  a variety of plans including ‘early childhood supports’, ‘therapeutic supports’, ‘specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs’, and ‘assistive technology specialist assessment, setup and training’  packages, as well as self managed packages. Further information about NDIS funding can be found on the NDIS website: www.ndis.gov.au

Centre-based consults

All initial appointments are held at our Adamstown clinic located just off Brunker Road (click here for map). After our initial consultation, if your child requires clinic-based therapy input, a block of follow-up appointments can be scheduled at the discounted follow up rate.

Consultation fees:

  • Standard Hourly Rate = $165.00
  • Half-Hourly Follow-Up Rate* = $105.00

*available for follow-up appointments at our Adamstown clinic only

Standardised Developmental Assessments

All standardised developmental assessments are completed at our Adamstown clinic.

The Peabody Developmental Motor Scale – Version 2 (PDMS-2) and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC) are used to identify children with motor dysfunctions. These assessments will accurately compare your child’s abilities to the abilities of typically developing children of the same age.

The PDMS-2 and the MABC take 60-90 minutes to complete. Within 2 weeks of completing your child’s assessment, a comprehensive report will be provided to you and your GP/specialist, outlining your child’s movement abilities and goals for therapy.

Assessment fees include 60-90 minutes of face to face assessment, 2 hours of report writing time and the preparation of an individualised therapy program.

You can self-refer your child for developmental assessments. However, if you receive a referral from your family GP/specialist, you will automatically receive a discount of 25% off the assessment fee.

Assessment fee:

  • Assessment + Comprehensive Report + Individualised Therapy Plan = $330.00.

Home Consults

For families who prefer physiotherapy to take place in the child’s home environment, home visits can be arranged after your initial consultation.

All home visits will be charged at the standard hourly rate of $162.00 with an additional travel fee of $1.65 per kilometre travelled to/from the Adamstown Clinic.

Home Consultation Fee:

  • Standard Hourly Rate + Travel Fee = $165.00 + $1.65 per kilometre travelled.

Day Care, Preschool and School Consults

For children who demonstrate functional limitations that affect their participation in school activities, a school visit can be arranged to assess your child’s participation and provide teachers/teachers aids with documented/written and verbal guidance outlining how they can best support your child’s skill development and participation in the school’s curriculum.

For children with movement difficulties, it is recommended that your physiotherapist visits school 2-4 times per year (at the start of each school semester/term) to ensure your child is properly supported as the school curriculum changes.

School visits include 45 minutes of face to face assessment, 15 minute conversation with the child’s teacher/s and 1 hour of report/program writing: $330.00. All school visits will be charged an additional travel fee of $1.65 per kilometre travelled to/from the Adamstown Clinic.

School Consultation Fee:

  • Standard Hourly Rate + Report/Program + Travel Fee = $330.00 + $1.65 per kilometre travelled.


Hydrotherapy can be conducted at your local public swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy is a great way of improving core strength, upper limb and/or lower limb strength, balance, coordination, water safety and functional skills.

In addition, children with disabilities, who find mainstream swimming lessons are unable to fully address their unique learning and/or musculoskeletal limitations, will benefit from hydrotherapy delivered by a qualified physiotherapist. As a physiotherapist with experience in paediatrics and disabilities, I have the expertise required to identify your child’s unique movement limitations and address them directly, enabling best-possible movement skill development in the water.

All hydrotherapy sessions will be charged at the standard hourly rate with an additional travel fee of $1.65 per kilometre travelled to/from the Adamstown clinic.

Hydrotherapy Fee:

  • Standard Hourly Rate + Travel Fee = $165.00 + $1.65 per kilometre travelled.

Reports, Programs and Equipment Funding

Following an assessment and/or a block of physiotherapy treatment, a comprehensive report can be provided to you and your GP/specialist/NDIS planner outlining your child’s current abilities, progress and their ongoing needs.

In addition, exercise programs and transfer procedures can be created to provide professional guidance for all those involved in a child’s care.

For children who require specialised equipment such as custom-made orthotics or walking aids, NDIA equipment funding applications can also be completed.

Report/Program/Equipment Funding Fee:

  • Standard Hourly Rate = $165.00.

'Baby Moves' Groups

Sarah Jay Paediatric Physiotherapy offers monthly ‘Baby Moves’ classes for parents/caregivers and their babies aged 0-12 months old. Baby Groups are held on Fridays, 10am-11am, at the Pilates for Life studio in the Junction.

During Sarah’s Baby Moves classes you will receive all the information and skills you need to best support your baby as their movement skills develop and they meet each milestone. By supporting you in providing early play-based opportunities for quality movement experiences, I can help ensure that your child gets the best possible start in life.

Parents attend one session per month, either on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Friday of each month, depending on the age of your child (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months old respectively).

There is a maximum number of 15 babies in each group to ensure a quality service can be provided. As places are limited, bookings are essential.

Baby Group fees:

  • Initial Baby Group visit = $30.00 per family.
  • Subsequent Baby Group visits are purchased through a membership which covers monthly attendance right up until your baby’s 1st birthday. Membership is calculated at $25.00 per month remaining until your baby’s 1st birthday (fee is determined by the age of your child).
  • For expecting mothers, 12 month memberships can be purchased in advance for the discounted price of $230.00
  • For the perfect baby shower gift, 12 month memberships can also be purchased in the form of a gift voucher.

My Guarantee to You

I believe in guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. I am so confident in my ability to meet your child’s needs that if following your consultation you are not 100% happy with the quality of service I provided, you will receive a full refund for your session. I will also offer your child a follow-up appointment for FREE.